Collection & Co was established in 2016 and began with an active attitude to provide vegan footwear with the use of non-animal leathers and non-animal glues.

Protecting the environment is a key value to the brands ethos. In an effort to be more sustainable, Collection & Co creates creates projects to reuse materials that are discarded or left over from previous collections.





Our Projects.


Throughout our collections we have developed projects to reuse materials, in an effort to be more environmentally conscious. 

Projects include using discarded fishing nets for a healthy sea initiative and turning them into bags. As well as collaborating with Pinatex, which is an innovative and natural fibre made from pineapple leaves. It's a great high quality alternative to leather.



Our mission is to create beautiful products using safe and ethical practices. It's important to us that we manufacture responsibly. So we only manufacture limited quantities in a small Greek factory. 



Please be aware that even though our products are designed with the highest quality, their purpose is to be a fashion item. Using them for technical or exercise purposes could lead to damage and will unfortunately not be refundable. 
Natural scuffs and marks will occur, as they do with regular leather shoes - so we would advise that you care for them regularly.  Some of the principles of caring for leather can be applied to our faux leather fabrics, including a protective spray or polish. 


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