Collection & Co was created in 2016 by Felesha Papa, which began with an active attitude towards providing Vegan footwear with the use of non-animal leathers.
‘The brand aims its collection at the contemporary and chic working woman. Proving that style and glamour doesn't have to be created using leather’ – Womenswear Buyer magazine


We use a variety of recycled materials and synthetic waste into our collections. Ensuring they're the highest quality faux materials, that last indefinitely and gleam quality. 
In addition, we utilise non-animal glues in an effort to wholly prevent the unnecessary cruelty inflicted upon animals today.



Our limited-edition collections are handmade and produced responsibly in small factories in Greece and Portugal. As a vegan retailer, we aim to pave the way for a truly sustainable future by implementing less of a carbon footprint than a conventional leather factory. 
Our company continues to explore new ways to become a forward thinking brand by searching for on-trend, innovative and ethical materials. The Collection & Co ethos is core to every step we take and will continue to transcend the need for leather. 

Ground floor, Broadmead Gallery, Broadmead, Bristol, BS1 3XB 

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Tuesday - Saturday 10.30am - 6pm

Sunday - 11am - 4.30pm